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    Glass Fencing

    Barrett Southwest Fence is the leading glass railing and glass fence installer in San Diego County. This type of fencing is perfect for customers with a view and is both aesthetically pleasing and extremely durable, and is available in many different design and color options.

    Barrett Southwest Fence uses a heavy gauged galvanized steel interior post with aluminum exterior post to prevent corrosion and to enhance longevity of the fence. Round or square aluminum posts are available to meet the design needs of your home or commercial application. Whether for a balcony application, around a swimming pool, or against a property edge, Barrett Southwest Fence will build and install a fantastic product.

    Proudly Offering Clearline® Balustrade Systems

    The Clearline® system uses patented technology to securely fasten the glass sheets beneath a slim profile Aluminum cover panel or (Timber fascia option).
    • no fittings get between the view and the environment when using with Laminated sentry glass (with stiff interlayer)
    • no glass going out of alignment on timber decks which happens with existing channel systems currently on the market.
    • Option of timber fascia which gives the look of the glass coming out from beneath the timber
    • Lighting solution within the design of the balustrade (optional)

    Clearline® hardware is hidden behind a stylish slimline aluminum cover which can be powder coated to match most Dulux colours.

    Barrett Southwest Fence Inc BBB Business Review

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