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August 22, 2014

Wood Fences – Combining Function and Design

Most homes have some type of fencing; we use fences to create privacy and to improve the aesthetics of our property. Wood fencing is one of the most common materials used for fencing because it provides a more traditional, rustic look while offering plenty of privacy and security.


Wood fences are made with many different types of materials. Some materials last longer than others but all wood fences require some regular maintenance. The type of wood and the design you select will depend on what is most important for you – form or functionality.

Wood Fences – When Form is the Most Important Priority


When selecting between various types of wood fences, you should consider their compatibility with your house color and style. Another consideration that people tend to forget is to make sure the fence matches with your landscape design.

Split-Rail fence – This type of fence provides a rural, country feel even if you live in the suburbs. It’s rough and rugged posts and split rails are the perfect addition to ranch-style homes and landscape designs with a Southwestern theme.

Picket-style fence – This type of fence offers quaint charm and comes in a wide variety of styles. These fences are perfect for cottage-style homes and properties with landscaping inspired by English cottage themes.

Log-Wood fence – This type of fencing showcases the natural beauty of different woods. This fence provides a rustic feel and is a perfect compliment to many homes. It can be installed with both vertical and horizontal panels.


Wood Fences – When Function is the Most Important Priority

Though form and aesthetics are important, many homeowners select a specific type of fence based on their needs for security and privacy. Wood fences are excellent as noise and visual barriers, and as a means of keeping pets and people in or out of your yard.

Stockade fence – This type of fence is perfect for keeping prying eyes out of your yard. With the slats lined up flush against each other, absolute privacy can be achieved. These types of fences are suitable for most any style home.

Lattice Fence – This type of fence allows for some privacy while still allowing for some air and sunlight to get through. However, the spaces which sunlight and air to pass also reduce its effectiveness as a visual and noise barrier.

Solid Board fence – This type of fencing allows for the most privacy and security. Though some people don’t like the look of a sold-board fence, their look can be improved by adding some lattice work at the top.


Wood Fences – a Happy Marriage Between Form and Function

Fence designs can be combined to offer both form and function – a good example of this is the solid wood fence with lattice work on top. Solid wood fences can also be constructed with pickets on top for a unique look. Designs are only limited by your imagination and bank account!

A fence that is built in harmony with the house style and the landscape design while also offering some level of privacy and security can not only ad thousands of dollars to the resale price of your home, it can also add years of aesthetic enjoyment.

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