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April 3, 2014

Wait – Before You Hire a Fence Contractor – Know This!

Fence contractors are just like any other contractor, except they specialize in fencing. Just like other contractors, most are hard-working, legitimate professionals who strive to do a great job for you. However, a few bad apples sometimes spoil the whole bunch. Don’t let a few greedy, unlicensed individuals take your money without doing the job right. Information is power and it will also save you money and get you the perfect fence for the right price.

Know This Before Your Hire a Fence Contractor!

Every contractor you deal with, whether it is for your fence or some other part of your property, should have an up-to-date license. If they have their license, it means that they have submitted all necessary requirements and have passed any examinations. Ask to see a copy of the license before you sign any contract, allow anyone on your property, or hand over any money.
Not only should every contractor have a license, they should also be insured and bonded. Insurance is needed in case of accident or damage to your property. If any damage occurs, and the contractor isn’t insured, you or your insurance company may be stuck paying the repair costs. Ask to see copies of current insurance and proper bonding of all employees. A bond can also protect you if a contractor fails to complete the work and asks for more money to complete what they should have completed in the first place!
References are another crucial factor in hiring the right fencing contractor. A reliable, experience, and legit fence contractor will always have references. They will often provide you with a phone number for your to verify. They may even take you to a previous client’s place so you can see their work first-hand.
Along with references, most experienced contractors will have a portfolio of work for you to peruse. These images of past work will not only allow you to see what the contractor has done in the past, it may also help you make choices and selections concerning your property and fencing needs.
Before you hire a legitimate fencing contractor, understand that fencing and the work required to put them up properly is not cheap. You can buy the materials and put up the fence yourself if you want to save money. Most people don’t have the time or skill to do that. However, make sure to not be overcharged. Do a little online research and some comparison shopping before you select the right contractor for your fencing needs.

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